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Paradise, I say. Although I went to Bali for a publishing conference during the summer, I still took the chance to unwind and just disappear from Manila. And Bali together with the Grand Hyatt didn’t disappoint. Already aching to go back to do some eat, pray, and maybe love.


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Just south of Los Angeles is the beach city of Hermosa. The cul-de-sac crew, aka Michelle, Edgar and yours truly, headed to the beach to enjoy an afternoon of freezing seawater, Mexican cuisine and endless playbacks of Shit Asian Girls Say. Since we couldn’t get into the water we just strolled around the area just to pass the time. That’s code for I-want-a-photo-by-the-beach moment.

Needless to say all them guys in this bar had no shirts on. As well as bottoms since ’69.

Voila! My Baywatch moment. Pullover from Urban Outfitters, shorts from Tommy Hilfiger and eyewear from Ksubi.

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Just last summer I flew to Los Angeles to meet Zac Efron. Now it’s not everyday that you get to have an opportunity to chat with a young Hollywood superstar. So when I was invited I immediately booked a flight and packed my luggage full of light sweaters, emergency sleeping pills, and High School Musical Troy Bolton ballpens I scored in National Bookstore. Okay, that last one was clearly a lie. (It came with matching notebooks as well.) I was prepared to become 17 again, so to speak.

I could have not asked for better WeHo hoe-mates than David and Erica (pictured below). Clearly this trip was written in the stars as David is a huge fan and Erica’s daughter is one as well. As for me, I think the HSM merchandise can speak for themselves.

The Chamberlain West Hollywood Hotel was smacked right in between Sunset Strip and Santa Monica Boulevard. I love the eclectic decor of this boutique hotel with its contemporary charm in every corner. I wanted to bring home this croc and chip off a whole section of that black and white tile combination. But then again I thought about excess baggage.

Being a carb lover myself, I couldn’t resist trying out Umami Burgers. Everyone’s been telling me to go and apparently for good measure. The truffle Umami burger was incredibly delicious with its spare concoction. And then the truffle fries came and it was an instant favorite. Jolly fries has nothing on these babies.

My college friend Michelle (below) was the one who took me around Los Angeles. I haven’t seen her in eons and have always promised to visit her. Voila! Reunited at last and it felt so good. (I promise to be back real soon with more Filipino DVDs for you and your Mexican papi.)

Every time I travel I always bring a small luggage because I tell myself I won’t shop. But when I went home from this trip I had a balikbayan box full of little things I bought from here and there. So go figure. As much I wanted to buy this love seat (above) I was reminded again of my potential excess baggage. This time the emotional kind. To save me trouble I just window-shopped and moved on to these MCM backpacks (below) in colors like True Blue Without You and Trapped in an Emotional Black Hole. Good investment pieces, yes?

You could travel the world but nothing comes close to the golden coast. Once you party with them you’ll be falling in love. And this chick is truly a California Girl. (The surfer girl below can be one as well.)